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Inspiring Simple Acts That Make a BIG Difference

TIBPP was founded by Chris Mohrhardt, owner of Incredible Mo’s FEC in Traverse City, MI. The spark was ignited when he began working with Big Brothers Big Sisters through the Bowl for Kids’ Sake initiative. It was then that he learned there were little brothers and sisters who didn’t get to have birthday parties. He became determined to change that. The missing piece fell into place when his wife, Sandra, gave him a pair of shoes from TOMS®, a company that donates one pair of its shoes to a needy child for every pair it sells. Toms’ “One for One” slogan inspired Chris to think big. The Incredible Birthday Party Project was born.

How it works

A local charitable organization will partner with a Mr. Gatti’s Pizza restaurant. Through this partnership, Gatti’s will donate one party for every ten paid parties booked at the restaurnt back to the the children that belong to the charity it has partnered with.

Mr Gatti's Pizza Child's Birthday PartyHow you can help

The Incredible Birthday Party Project and Mr. Gatti’s Pizza wants every child in this country to experience a birthday party and you can help by booking you child’s next birthday event with a participating Gatti’s restaurant. And that’s it! That’s all you need to do! By having your special event with us, you are helping us give an experience to a child and family in need that otherwise might not have happened.

Mr. Gatti’s Pizza would like to thank you for helping us give back to our local community by making a difference in the lives of kids. It is our deepest belief that every child’s birthday should be a magical and memorable experience and as a proud member of The Incredible Birthday Party Project.

How charities get involved

Without your organization, TIBPP and Mr. Gatti’s Pizza wouldn’t be able to find children in need of birthday parties. We want to be sure we are donating parties to kids and families who need them most. That’s where you and your organization comes in! 128 mothers surveyed, with income too low to provide a party, said that making the child feel happy and “normal” is the central goal of a birthday party. By giving children this experience, your organization and Mr. Gatti’s Pizza allow the kids to feel loved and included. Hopefully, thus setting them up for success later on in life.

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