Our Heritage:

Mr Gatti’s has been satisfying pizza cravings for over 47 years. Our founder, James Eure, opened The Pizza Place in September 1964 in Stephenville, Texas. In 1969, he moved to Austin, and opened “Mr. Gatti’s” as a tribute to his wife’s maiden name.  Over the last 50 years, Mr Gatti’s has continued to grow and expand to over 70 locations and is now delighting guests with great pizza across the greater part of the southeastern United States. 

James Eure worked long hours to master the elements that make people crave great pizza: Real 100% Provolone cheese (no imitations allowed), yeast-risen dough made fresh every day, our signature tangy pizza sauce and fresh toppings that just can’t be beat and we haven’t changed much after all these years!

Story of our Sauce

Story of our Dough